Virtual seminar on “Women Representation on Board of Directors”

Women representation in the corporate governance system internationally maintains its place among the priority issues of corporate governance. Despite the visible and tangible benefits of women’s representation on boards, women have difficulties navigating that path.

The issue of women representation on boards of directors of companies is relevant in Armenia as well. With this in mind, the “WOMEN REPRESENTATION ON BOARD OF DIRECTORS” virtual seminar took place on the initiative of the Corporate Governance Center on March 26, 2021.

International experts Paivi Jokinen, chair of European Women on Boards, and Susan Stenson, partner of Independent Audit Limited, were invited as speakers of the seminar. The moderator of the seminar was Hagen Schweinitz, member of the board advisory practice of the French-Italian executive search firm Eric Salmon & Partners.

Through their speeches and Q&A the experts managed to present the benefits of gender diversity on boards, especially its impact on business performance, competitive advantage, and governance system. They highlighted the importance of legislative “soft” quotas in ensuring women’s progress on corporate boards, as well as outlined ways to train female board members.

The seminar was held in an atmosphere of open and relaxed discussions. Representatives of different countries of the world (USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, UAE, Finland, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Georgia, and Belgium) took part in the seminar.

The “WOMEN REPRESENTATION ON BOARD OF DIRECTORS” virtual seminar was organised by the Corporate Governance Center within the framework of “Armenia. Empowering the Private Sector to Support Democratic Transition” grant project funded by the Center for International Private Enterprise (

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