Certificates for women who completed the “Women on the Board of Directors” training

On July 27, the Corporate Governance Center awarded certificates to 31 women who completed the “Women on the Board of Directors” training.

The training was conducted by the Corporate Governance Center within the “Armenia. Women on the Board of Directors” project supported by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE, www.cipe.org). This is an unprecedented project in Armenia, which aims to promote the representation of women members on the board of directors of Armenian companies and women’s involvement in the economic decision-making process.

The content of the training was developed taking into account the international trends of corporate governance and board of directors activities. Well-known local and international experts have been selected as trainers.

In addition to the training, one of the key components of the Project is the expert survey, the results of which were also presented at the July 27th event.

The purpose of the survey was to find out the main perceptions and barriers, possible approaches and ways, as well as state incentives and support mechanisms for women’s representation on the board of directors of Armenian companies. 52 experts took part in the survey.

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