12 Questions and Answers about Codes of Business Ethics

Corporate Governance Center hosted an open meeting of the Business Integrity Club on August 13. During the meeting the “12 Questions and Answers about the Codes of Business Ethics” brochure authored by Narine Melikyan, the director of the Center, was presented.

The brochure contains answers to a number of fundamental questions about business ethics and its codes, which will help companies understand the need for business ethics and its potential benefits. The brochure will assist companies in developing and implementing codes of business ethics.

The brochure is developed for shareholders, board members and executive members, corporate secretaries, compliance managers, internal auditors, and others responsible for the good governance of the company.

The brochure is available in Armenian here.

The brochure was developed by the Corporate Governance Center within the “Armenia. Empowering the Private Sector to Support Democratic Transition” project implemented with the support of Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE, www.cipe.org).

12 Questions and Answers about Codes of Business Ethics

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Open meeting of the Business Integrity Club
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