10 Questions and Answers about ESG

The Corporate Governance Center presents the “10 Questions and Answers about ESG” brochure.

Environmental protection, social justice, security and good governance (ESG) issues are becoming an integral part of the corporate reality of modern companies. Foresighted companies are integrating them into their long-term strategy to ensure the sustainable development of both themselves and their stakeholders.

The brochure introduces the essence and components of ESG, the main motives and driving forces, the role of the board in adopting ESG standards, as well as ensuring their transparency, and all this in the Q&A format.

The brochure will assist companies in the ESG commitment and its implementation processes.
The brochure is developed for shareholders, board members, executive members, corporate secretaries, compliance officers, internal auditors, and others responsible for the good governance of the company.

The brochure was developed by Narine Melikyan, director of the Corporate Governance Center.

The brochure is available in Armenian.

Бюллетень, выпуск №2

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