“Armenia: Empowering the Private Sector to Support Democratic Transition” project outcomes

The Corporate Governance Center has successfully completed the “Armenia: Empowering the Private Sector to Support Democratic Transition” project.

The Project aimed to improve the Armenian business community’s understanding of ethical and anti-corruption compliance standards and to strengthen the support in this issue.

The most important outcome of the Project is the Business Integrity Club.

On August 27, the Corporate Governance Center invited an open meeting of the Business Integrity Club in order to summarize all the outcomes of the Project, and to hear the opinion of the stakeholders. During the meeting, the new resources developed by the Corporate Governance Center were also presented. Those are: the “Anti-Corruption Compliance” e-training, the “10 Questions and Answers about ESG” brochure and the second issue of the Business Integrity Club newsletter.

In addition to the Club members, the meeting was attended also by representatives of government bodies and international organizations operating in Armenia, as well as women participating in the “Women on the Board of Directors” project.

The presentation material of the meeting is available in Armenian and English.

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10 Questions and Answers about ESG

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