Business Integrity Club

Integrity, Trust, Investments

The Business Integrity Club is the first collective initiative of the Armenian business community.

Thanks to such initiatives, any company, regardless of its size, field of activity, stage of development, has the opportunity to become an advocate of positive changes in the business environment.

The mission of the Business Integrity Club is to improve the business environment in Armenia by promoting a culture of integrity. The Business Integrity Club promotes collective actions of Armenian businessmen on corporate governance issues.

Joining the Business Integrity Club gives Armenian businessmen an opportunity to contribute especially in improving the corporate governance environment in Armenia, as well as to suggest solutions for corporate governance issues. The aim of the Business Integrity Club is to promote the transparency and accountability of Armenia’s business environment, to increase confidence in the countries’ economic system. Accordingly, to support the economy in attracting long-term, patient and constructive investments and to stimulate economic growth.

The Business Integrity Club is open to any organization that adheres to the standards of integrity in words and in deeds and is ready to encourage their spread. The members of the Business Integrity Club receive professional support in improving their own governance system, and in promoting good governance to become a “rule of the game” for doing business in Armenia.

The first step for joining the Business Integrity Club is to adopt an Anti-Corruption Declaration. The Business Integrity Club is formed and led by the Center with the support of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE,

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Business Integrity Club
Meeting of the Union of Banks of Armenia and the Business Integrity Club
Business Integrity Club
Open meeting of the Business Integrity Club

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