Corporate Secretary

Corporate secretary is a key figure in the corporate governance system, whose mission is to enhance the efficiency of the company’s governance.

The corporate secretary “wears many hats” at a time. Once he/she is a consultant, once he/she directs his/her efforts to maintain the legal compliance of the company, in another case he/she monitors the implementation of the decisions of the General Meeting and the Board of Directors, ensures corporate transparency, the preservation of corporate documents and their delivery to the addressees.

“Corporate Secretary in the Corporate Governance System” manual

In order to understand the diversity of roles, place and need for a corporate secretary in the corporate governance system, the Corporate Governance Center presents the “Corporate Secretary in the Corporate Governance System” manual.

“Corporate Secretary in the Corporate Governance System” training

The aim of the training is to develop theoretical-practical knowledge and skills about corporate governance structures and the role of corporate secretary among corporate governance specialists or individuals involved in the governance system of companies.

Corporate secretaries, secretaries of the Board, corporate governance specialists, board members, employees of the internal audit department, compliance and risk management officers of companies can participate in the training.

The duration of the training is 12 hours.

Training participants are awarded a certificate of participation.

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