Advises from Hedwige Nuyens

On September 16, the Corporate Governance Center organized a master class.

The master class was held for the participants of the “Armenian Women on the Board of Directors” network, which was conducted by HEDWIGE NUYENS, the Managing Director of the International Banking Federation (IBFed), Vice-Chair and Committee Chair of the Membership Committee of the European Women on Boards.

Hedwige honestly told the master class participants about her way passed, the main pillars of her success, as well as shared some tips and advice for women’s progress.

Hedwige also briefed on the mission, goals and events of European Women on Boards for the participants.

Due to Hedwige’s sincerity and the interest of the participants, the master class was held in an atmosphere of open and frank discussion.

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Advises from Hedwige Nuyens
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