Consulting in the fields of corporate governance and corporate law

The Center’s non-comprehensive list of consulting services is:

  • Company establishment, reorganization and liquidation,
  • Company’s pre-investment analysis and evaluation,
  • Evaluation of companies and development of business plans,
  • Drafting of shareholders’ agreements,
  • Clarification of shareholders’ rights,
  • Elaboration of companies corporate governance structure,
  • Training corporate secretaries and providing assistance in their selection,
  • Elaboration of corporate policies and documents,
  • Consulting assistance in the implementation of corporate events (general meeting, securities issue, emergency transactions, share purchase, redemption, consolidation, split, etc.),
  • Evaluating the activities of the Board of Directors and providing assistance in the selection of members for the Board of Directors,
  • Assistance in the development of non-financial statements, including corporate governance reports,
  • Elaboration of employee stock ownership plans and other services.

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Corporate governance assessment & analysis
Raising professional and public awareness on corporate governance

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